Responsible Official Resource Manual: Records

The RO has oversight responsibility for the entity’s creation and maintenance of all records documenting entity select agent activities. The records should be organized so they can be readily produced if requested by FSAP inspectors. Examples of records kept by the entity:

  • Inventory – An entity is required to maintain accurate inventory records for each identification number that includes all of the information required in section 17 and an entity is accountable for each vial associated with that number. Refer to Guidance on the Inventory of Select Agentsexternal icon and Toxins external iconfor information regarding the inventory of select agents and toxins for long term storage, including definitions, storage criteria, and record
  • Internal Audits – Ensure that an entity performs annual internal inspections. Refer to Entity Annual Internal Inspections policy external iconand guidance external iconfor additional
  • Record of Access – Ensure that there is a record of access to rooms containing select agents and toxins and ensure that only FSAP-approved individuals have access to select agents or
  • Training – Maintain a training record for each person who is granted access to select agents and toxins and each escorted individual (e.g., laboratory workers, visitors). Include the person’s name, date of each training they received, description of the training, and means used to verify that the individual understood the training. For each person who is granted access to select agents and toxins, maintain initial and refresher training records. Refer to Guidance for Selectexternal icon Agent Regulation Training Requirements external iconfor meeting the training requirements of the select agent regulations. Topics include what types of training are required, training programs, frequency requirements, and training
  • Biosafety, Security, and Incident Response Plans – Maintain and review biosafety, security, and incident response plans at least annually. Revise as
  • Drills/Exercises – Develop, implement, and document drills and exercises in accordance with sections 12, 13, and 14 of the select agent regulations. Refer to Drills and Exercises Guidanceexternal icon for additional

For records not maintained in eFSAP, records must be maintained for at least three years and should be kept secure to avoid any loss or alteration. Entity policy may dictate longer retention times.

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