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Section 11 of the select agent regulations (42 CFR § 73.11external icon, 7 CFR § 331.11external icon, and 9 CFR § 121.11external icon) requires a registered entity to develop and implement a written security plan that is:

  1. Sufficient to safeguard the select agents or toxins against unauthorized access, theft, loss, or release, and
  2. Designed according to a site-specific risk assessment, providing graded protection.

The purpose of this guidance document is to assist an entity in developing and implementing its site-specific security plan. As used in this document, the word “must” means a regulatory requirement. The use of the word “should” or “consider” is a suggested method to meet that requirement based on generally recognized security “best practices.” Implementation is performance-based and entities may find other ways to meet a regulatory requirement.

This document addresses the select agent regulations (SAR) with regard to security with one exception: Entities with Tier 1 BSAT have pre-access suitably and ongoing suitability assessment requirements which are addressed in the Guidance for Suitability Assessments.

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