Security Plan Guidance:
Appendix V: Scenarios (Non-Tier 1 Barriers and Access Controls)

Scenario 1: Typical Working Facility
spg scenario 1 graphic
Scenario 2: Storage Only
spg scenario 2 graphic
Scenario 3: Working in Select Agent and Toxin in Shared Space
spg scenario 3 graphic
Scenario 4: Locked Box Inside Freezer
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Operational controls are controls in place specifically to prevent unauthorized access to any select agent or toxin. Appropriate operational controls are based on the nature of all work in the registered area, the physical features in the area, and the entity’s risk assessment.

Outsider Threat

Barriers deter but cannot be relied on to stop an outsider. The outsider cannot be stopped by locks, doors or other barriers, only delayed. The only thing that will stop an outsider is a response force.

spg threat task time without mitigation graphic
Insider Threats

Entities should focus on how one could get a select agent or toxin out of the registered areas without authorization and create control or measures which prevent it.

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