APHIS/CDC Form 4A Quick Reference Guide: Immediate Notification

  1. Log into eFSAP. Click on Form 4. Click Create Form 4A – Section A&Bimage icon.
  2. Questions 1-3 are required to be completed for an immediate notification.
  3. Complete the name of the select agent or toxin (Section Bimage icon, question 1), date identified (Section B, question 2), date of immediate notification (Section B, question 3), type of notification (Section B, question 4) and whether there was a release outside of primary containment (Section B, question 9).
  4. Type your name in the ‘Signature of Responsible Official/Laboratory Supervisor’ field. The date will auto-populate.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Immediate Notificationimage icon.
    NOTE: Completion of the remainder of the Form 4A – Sections A&B is required within 7 days of the identification. Clicking the Close Button will only close the report and not submit or save changes to the form.
Page last reviewed: December 4, 2020