eFSAP Updates

This page will be updated as new system features and user materials are available.
Please check back regularly for updates.

The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) is pleased to announce the deployment of another update to the electronic Federal Select Agent Program (eFSAP) Information System.

Beginning December 9, 2022, eFSAP information system users will notice the following system updates:

General Discussion Conversation Mode

  • eFSAP now includes an optional setting for general discussion messages, “Conversation Mode”
  • Users can reply to messages directly from the home page rather than having to navigate to the amendment or specific Form 2, 3, or 4 to reply
  • The conversation generated from the home page will automatically mirror on the Form or amendment
  • Replies from the Form or amendment will likewise carry over to the home page
  • Users are also able to generate and reply to new conversations from the home page that may not be specific to any Form or amendment

For more information, please review the tutorial [PDF – 2 MB] with screenshots of the new features attached to this message.

Please note: Users must clear their internet browser cache/cookies for the system to function properly.  Instructions can be found on the eFSAP Resource Center page.  

If you experience errors, have questions, or have challenges with access to the system, please continue to contact our eFSAP customer support desk using the online help form, through email at eFSAPSupport@cdc.gov, or reference our newly updated eFSAP user manual.