APHIS/CDC Form 2 Quick Reference Guide: Section 3 – Recipient

    1. The Recipient logs into eFSAP, navigates to Form 2, and clicks Edit Section 3 of the appropriate transfer request. Complete questions 28-31image icon.
    2. For questions 28-29, select the name of the individual who received the shipment from the dropdown list and date of receipt.
    3. If ‘No’ is selected for 30, provide an explanation of any discrepancy for the amount shipped and received in the dropdown box.
    4. If ‘No’ is selected for 31, provide a description of how the shipment was packaged.
      Note: Contact FSAP and complete an APHIS/CDC Form 3 if ‘No’ is selected for question 30 or 31.
    5. For Signature of Responsible Official, type your name and title in the appropriate fields. The date will auto-populate.
    6. Click Submit to complete the transfer documentation. Clicking Close does NOT submit Section 3 or save the information. Clicking Save Draft does NOT submit the Section 3 but saves the information.
    7. A dialog box will ask, “Clicking OK, this form status will be changed to Transfer Completed. Do you wish to proceed?” Click OK.
      Note:  If changes are needed to the form after transfer is completed, contact FSAP.
Page last reviewed: July 15, 2021