Quick Reference Guide:
Form 2 Section 1 – Transfer Request to Receive a Select Agent or Toxin

  1. The Recipient logs into eFSAP. On the entity homepage, click Form 2image icon. Click Create Form 2.
  2. Complete Section 1image icon.
    1. For question 1, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate Principal Investigator (PI) names.
    2. For Section B, questions 2-10, complete the sender information. Ensure that the information is accurate.
    3. For question 11, if ‘Yes’ is selected, you must provide the APHIS/CDC Form 4 clinical ID (CID-F4-00XXXX).
    4. For question 12, if ‘Yes’ is selected, you must provide a description of the restricted experiment.
    5. For question 13image icon, select the select agent or toxin from the dropdown menu, then click Add Agent/Toxin.
    6. For question 14image icon, enter both the carrier name and their DOT registration number. NOTE: If hand-delivered, provide the complete name of the FSAP-approved individual.
    7. For Signature, type your name and title in the appropriate fields. The date will auto-populate.
    8. Click Submit. Clicking Close does NOT submit Section 1 or save the information. Clicking Save Draft does NOT submit Section 1 but will save the information.
    9. A dialog box will inform you that the status of the Transfer Request will change to “Transfer in Review”. Click OK.
Page last reviewed: May 26, 2021