Occupational Health Program

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Section 12(d) of the select agent regulations (42 CFR §73.12external icon, 7 CFR §331.12external icon, and 9 CFR §121.12external icon) requires that individuals with access to Tier 1 biological select agents and toxins (Tier 1 BSAT) must be enrolled in an Occupational Health Program (OHP). This requirement is intended to ensure the availability of professional medical evaluations and treatment.

The guidance provided in this document is intended to assist entities develop and implement an OHP to protect workers with access to Tier 1 BSAT. Entities should develop and implement OHPs that address the site-specific health hazards identified by each institution’s assessments, based on the individual circumstances of each entity. Entities should also include provisions in their plans that address other recognized occupational health risks not specifically related to Tier 1 BSAT (e.g., hearing protection and chemical hygiene). There will be differences in the scope and complexity of OHPs developed by different organizations due to the individual circumstances at each entity.

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