Occupational Health Program: Hazard Communication

All personnel approved for access to Tier 1 BSAT should be provided with the following information:

  • The risk and health hazards associated working with the Tier 1 BSAT
  • Typical signs and symptoms of the diseases associated with the select agent or toxin with which they work
  • The available pre- and post-exposure resources for treatment
  • Whom to contact and what to do in an emergency
  • Policies for immediately reporting and documenting all potential occupational exposures

Section 19(b) of the select agent regulations requires the Responsible Official to immediately notify the Federal Select Agent Program regarding all occupational exposures to BSAT by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail (form3@cdc.gov) or (DASAT@usda.gov), and submit a completed APHIS/CDC Form 3 (Report of Theft,external icon Loss, or Release of Select Agents and Toxins) external iconwithin seven calendar days.

Reporting and Analyzing Occupational Exposure

Registered entities should evaluate all potential occupational exposures to identify factors that contributed to the incident. Identify and document all corrective actions taken to mitigate the risk of recurrence.

Records Management and Retention

Registered entities are required to maintain all select agent and toxins records, including Tier 1 BSAT personnel occupational health related documents and records (e.g., as copies of the APHIS/CDC Form 3) for at least three years. See section 17 of the select agent regulations.

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