Incident Response Plan: Regional Natural Disasters

Regional Natural Disasters

Go to each of the following websites to determine if the organization is at reasonable risk for any of these incidents. Ensure that any reasonable risks are accounted for in a SOP in the Incident Response Plan.

Low Probability/High Consequence Events

Entities are encouraged to plan for “low probability/high consequence” events. A low probability/high consequence event is any event which adversely: 1) affects the safety and security of a registered facility; 2) affects human health and safety; and 3) causes environmental degradation.

Consider not only these types of events but potential secondary incidents that may occur as a result of an incident, such as:

  • System Failures
  • Radioactive Leaks
  • Extreme Flooding
  • Power Failures
  • Access Loss
  • Damaged Equipment
Page last reviewed: July 8, 2022