Guidance on the Transfer of Select Agents and Toxins: Shipping Select Agents and Toxins

The transportation in commerce of hazardous materials, including select agents and toxins, is governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Hazardous Material Regulations. Transportation in commerce starts when a carrier takes physical possession of a select agent or toxin for the purpose of transporting it and continues until the hazardous material is received by the intended recipient and the destination indicated on a shipping paper, package marking, or other medium. FSAP maintains oversight of select agents and toxins until the materials are packaged for shipment, in compliance with DOT hazardous materials regulations, by an individual approved to have access to select agents and toxins by FSAP and ready for receipt by a courier.

Commercial carrier or courier

Once the package is ready for shipment, the entity should use their established procedures for providing the package to the commercial carrier. The package must have the carrier’s DOT number listed and the carrier must be approved by DOT to ship hazardous material being offered for transport.

Hand-delivered package

While an entity may choose to hand deliver a package containing a select agent or toxin to a registered entity, the individual who is hand carrying the package must be an individual approved by FSAP to have access to select agents and toxins. The registered entity remains responsible for ensuring that all local, state, or federal requirements for the transportation of hazardous materials are followed. The registered entity must ensure that adequate precautions are taken to prevent a theft, loss, or release of the select agents and toxins.

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