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6/28/19 - Director of Agriculture Select Agent Services (AgSAS) Selected

The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) would like to announce the selection of a permanent Agriculture Select Agent Services (AgSAS) Director.  Effective June 24, Dr. Jacek (Jack) Taniewski became the AgSAS Director. Dr. Taniewski and Dr. Lisa Dixon, previous Acting AgSAS Director, will coordinate and complete a leadership transition by July 1, 2019. The FSAP wishes to thank Dr. Dixon for her services as Acting Director since May 19.

Dr. Taniewski is a graduate of the Academy of Agriculture and Technology (Olsztyn, Poland) with more than 30 years of veterinary expertise. After several years in private practice, Dr. Taniewski joined the USDA in 1998, and APHIS in 2003. He has supported the USDA mission to provide leadership on agriculture issues through a variety of regulatory enforcement, policy development, and program administration roles, ranging from an inspector with the Food Safety and Inspection Service to the Animal Export Director in Veterinary Services. Before his selection as the AgSAS Director, Dr. Taniewski led the development of policies for international animal movement as the National Director for Live Animal Import/Export.

  • 6/03/19 - New FSAP Inspection Checklist App

    The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) has developed a new mobile application in order to assist laboratory managers and biosafety personnel in performing internal laboratory inspections. The Federal Select Agent Program Laboratory Examination Tool, or FSAP-LET, contains checklists that are based on federal regulations and biosafety standards used by FSAP inspectors. The checklists cover a variety of areas such as biosafety, security, training, and incident response.

    The app is available to download for the following devices:

    Please note that, while the tool is intended to assist laboratories in meeting federal regulations and biosafety standards, it is not all-inclusive. The responsibility to fully adhere to applicable federal regulations remains with the entity using the tool.

    For more information, please visit: https://www.selectagents.gov/checklistapp.html.

  • 3/27/19 - New FSAP Compliance Infographics

    The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) regulates laboratories working with select agents and toxins and helps to ensure that lifesaving research conducted with these potentially dangerous materials is done as safely and securely as possible.  While there is always some risk in working with select agents and toxins, our goal is to get as close to zero risk as possible.  Unfortunately, incidents do occur, and sometimes serious deficiencies in biosafety or security measures are identified at the laboratories that work with these materials.

    The good news is that the vast majority of laboratories are doing well in following the select agent regulations. However, when issues do arise, systems are in place to deal with those situations.  Importantly, FSAP can take action in order to protect public, animal, and plant health, using a number of available options to address any potential risks and bring the entity back into compliance with the regulations. 

    The Federal Select Agent Program has developed a new series of infographics in order to describe these processes in more detail.  Posted to the FSAP website (available at https://www.selectagents.gov/infographics-compliance.html) are new infographics covering the following topics:

    • How the Federal Select Agent Program Addresses Serious Biosafety or Security Concerns
    • Theft or Loss of a Select Agent or Toxin
    • Release of a Select Agent or Toxin
    • About the Federal Select Agent Program