2014 Webcast

On November 14, 2014, the Federal Select Agent Program conducted a one-day webcast. The webcast, federal register notice, workshop agenda, and presentations are available for download below:

APHIS/CDC Select Agent Program Workshop, November 14, 2014 Part One
APHIS/CDC Select Agent Program Workshop, November 14, 2014 Part Two
Federal Register NoticePDF version(PDF 172kb)
Workshop AgendaPDF version(PDF 305kb)
Workshop Slide PresentationPDF version(PDF 5.02mb)

Note: You will need adobe flash player to view the above videos. If you do not have the latest version of Adobe flash player you may download a free copy from


Physical SecurityPDF version(PDF 403kb)
Information SecurityPDF version(PDF 1mb)
Personnel Suitability AssessmentPDF version(PDF 1.70mb)
Occupational HealthPDF version(PDF 361kb)
Bioterrorism Security Risk Assessment Form (FD-961 Form)PDF version(PDF 3.5mb)
APHIS/CDC Form 1PDF version(PDF 6.48mb)
Summary of Select Agent Regulation ChangesPDF version(PDF 348kb)

2014 Informational Session

Informational Sessions on the revised APHIS/CDC Form 1PDF version(PDF 974kb)
The Federal Select Agent Program held informational sessions to assist entities with completing the revised APHIS/CDC Form 1 (Application for Registration for Possession, Use and Transfer of Select Agents and Toxins).