National Select Agent Registry phone numbers for APHIS (301-851-3300) and CDC (404-718-2000).
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guidance Documents for Final Rule Compliance Assistance

Please select from the below list of documents to assist in complying with the requirements of the Select Agents regulations:

Guidance for Meeting Training Requirements of the Select Agent RegulationsPDF version(281 KB)

Guidance for Suitability AssessmentsPDF version(632 KB)

Guidance on the Inventory Requirements for Select Agents and ToxinsPDF version(247 KB)

Occupational Health Program Guidance Document for Working with Tier 1 Select Agents and ToxinsPDF version(598 KB)

Incident Response Plan Guidance DocumentPDF version(999 KB)

Information Systems Security Control Guidance DocumentPDF version(598 KB)

Responsible Official Guidance DocumentPDF version(606 KB)

Security Guidance for Select Agent or Toxin FacilitiesPDF version(1.45 MB)

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