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The Federal Select Agent Program has posted the inspection checklists in order for the regulated entities to have access to one of the tools used during select agent site-inspections. To ensure that entities are complying with the requirements of the select agent regulations, the Federal Select Agent Program inspects entities using these standardized checklists to certify that laboratories have the appropriate measures in place to deter the unauthorized access, theft, loss, or release of select agents. The biosafety checklists are derived from the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition, NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules, USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Facility Design Standards (DM 242.1), Guidance on the Use of Infectious Waste Treatment and Radiation Facilities Outside of Registered Space, and the ARS Directive on Biohazardous Waste Decontamination, Management, and Quality Control at Laboratories and Technical Facilities (DR 9630-001). These checklists will be updated as needed.

The agent specific enhancement checklists contain additional requirements which were developed upon consultation with Federal subject matter experts based on their knowledge and experience on the risk of the agents. These additional requirements need to be considered when conducting work with these agents. An entity should provide alternative and/or equivalent mitigation measures consistent with the risk of the work they are doing if they are not able to meet these enhanced requirements. Please direct any questions or comments to or

APHIS-CDC Responsible Official (Section 9) and Registration (Section 7) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 53KB)

APHIS-CDC Security (Section 11) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 106KB)

APHIS-CDC Incident Response (Section 14) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 92KB)

APHIS-CDC Training (Section 15) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 19KB)

APHIS-CDC Transfers (Section 16) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 19KB)

APHIS-CDC Records (Section 17) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 29KB)

BSL2 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 132KB)

BSL3 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 146KB)

BSL3Ag ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 146KB)

BSL4 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 93KB)

ABSL2 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 161KB)

ABSL3 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 169KB)

ABSL4 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 413KB)

NIHBL2 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 102KB)

NIHBL3 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 112KB)

NIHBL4 ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 116KB)

NIHBL2-LS ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 96KB)

NIHBL3-LS ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 107KB)

NIHBL2-N ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 102KB)

NIHBL3-N ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 112KB)

NIHBL4-N ChecklistAdobe PDFPDF 116KB)

Toxin ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 126KB)

Hazard Communication ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 92KB)

African Swine Fever virus and/or Classical Swine Fever virus ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 35KB)

HPAI virus ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 32KB)

Newcastle Disease virus ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 53KB)

Plant Containment ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 53KB)

Security Variola (Section 11) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 17KB)

Security FMD-Rinderpest (Section 11) ChecklistAdobe PDF(PDF 106KB)

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